A workshop for leaders that builds
more creative and innovative teams.

Unleash your creativity,
become a courageous leader.

Welcome to Creative Self-Awareness, a workshop that helps business leaders make better decisions by promoting engagement, emotional regulation, creative problem-solving and higher performance by cultivating self-awareness. Why self-awareness? Simply put, it’s the key to mastering what we do and creating what we want.

When we’re self-aware, we can change what needs to change. And we get there by tapping into our creativity.

We are a workshop that:

  • Increases self awareness

  • Promotes employee engagement

  • Is fun!

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We fire-up creativity in leaders to find workplace solutions, in a fun, hands-on workshop.

If you’re a leader, you know how important it is to have clear and open communication with your teams. A culture of safety and the freedom to innovate is important for employee job satisfaction, stress management and optimal customer care. It’s not an easy role. But we can help you and your team work better together.

No matter what vital role you play in your company, we’ll help you use creative self-awareness to develop a more productive and trusting workplace.


Reported a significant improvement in workplace effectiveness.*


Had more effective workplace relationships.*


Described being better able to identify and manage their emotions.*


Reported reduced stress.*
*University of Pennsylvania leader mindfulness study involving 42 participants from 11 countries, which included use of the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory model developed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis to identify the presence of emotional and social intelligence competencies that have been empirically linked to increased leadership performance.

Here’s how creativity
and art-making help.

Our workshop is a relaxed, “safe container” where amazing things happen. And it’s fun!

Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator Nancy Kay leads attendees through short presentations and self-awareness exercises, along with hands-on art activities lead by award-winning artist and creative coach, Shawna St. James.

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Workshop Packages

What our workshop looks like:

You and your coworkers learn how to unleash your creative sides using no-pressure painting activities, story-telling, clay modeling, dance and other art activities, interspersed with short, dynamic presentations based on SelfAware 101™ and Dare to Lead™ materials.  We’ll travel to your workplace or venue, bring all the workshop supplies, and guide you through your customized curriculum.

(For in-depth reading about the science behind creativity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and daring leadership, check out our Resources page.)

Research shows that those who engage in creative activities are evaluated 15 to 30 percent higher on performance ratings. Why? Creative activity increases self-awareness, which in turn increases emotional regulation, trust, empathy and the desire to bond with your team. It also reduces stress, which means better employee performance.

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Creative Self-Awareness was a great opportunity to explore my creativity, allow self-expression and get out of my comfort zone.


I had no idea how tapping into my creative side would make me more self-aware and help me deal with all kinds of communication issues at work. I’m so glad I took this workshop!


Loved this day! It was worth taking the time to invest in myself. Great balance of learning and fun with the interactive exercises. I will be back next year.


I am so pleased I gave myself permission to indulge in “me” today. The CSA workshop was a great day of inspiration and self-reflection.


This workshop helped our team reveal unspoken biases, reach a deeper level of discovery, creativity and growth, and increased our team cohesiveness!

Chere SkinnerOTR/L, Co-owner, All Aboard Pediatrics

I loved the creative exercise we did with clay, and Nancy’s warm and inviting style of presenting.

Daring Way™ Facilitator

Nancy really opened my eyes to the value of creative and experiential exercises in particular areas of the curriculum. She did a great job helping to highlight the importance of integration. She was delightful and I am grateful for her sharing so vulnerably.

Daring Way™ Facilitator

I loved playing with clay and talking with others at my table as to why they made what they did. Nancy was so interesting, and I loved hearing her journey into awareness.

Daring Way™ Facilitator

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Our workshop is lead by a
Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

Nancy is a licensed professional counselor, certified executive coach, certified Dare to Lead facilitator, and an RN. She integrates Emotional Intelligence and the SelfAware 101 process with her 25 years as a therapist and her years as an RN to provide a holistic approach to each customized workshop. She promotes self-awareness and turbocharges your personal, team, and organizational growth. As a certified facilitator, Nancy is qualified to bring the Dare to Lead curriculum to your team and organization. Let us know if you are interested in integrating the Creative Self-Awareness workshop with the Dare to Lead curriculum in a 3-day transformational workshop.