Who We Are

Shawna St. James

Known as “The Empowered Painter,” I’m an award-winning, nationally-selling artist, offering creative coaching, workshops, and classes.  I equip my clients with the tools they need to create with confidence, gain self-awareness and live their biggest and boldest lives.

My approach to my work and personal belief, that everyone is born “creative,” fuels my passion to help others tap into their innate creative resources, to engage in the creative process, and experience creativity’s transformative power.  As a painting instructor since 2010, I use my BS Psychology degree to better guide my clients along their unique and personal journey toward creative freedom.

Because the workplace and life-changing transitions are often stressful, finding joy and having some fun are extremely important.  My one on one and group coaching programs combine artful play, education, self-exploration activities, encouragement, relaxing environments and the freedom to get messy.

Along with speaking about the power of the creative process, I’m the author of Be A Creative Badass: 52 Whole-Life Activities to Boost Your Creativity.  My workbook includes a year of creative activities, self-exploration prompts and explains the science behind the creative process.

Nancy S. Kay

As a Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, licensed therapist, and certified business coach, I have 25 years of experience helping individuals and organizations build self-awareness, healthcare leadership skills and mental health resiliency. I help clients achieve increased productivity, greater self-awareness and improved emotional intelligence, and I do it within as short a time as possible. When working with me, clients achieve measurable outcomes using the tools of vulnerability, courageousness and self-awareness.

I provide a customized “done WITH you” coaching program that fuses 1:1 services with online modalities and leadership workshops so that clients turbo-charge personal and professional growth.

I’m the author of an international best seller, The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions and an acclaimed speaker. I co-authored Self-Awareness in Personal Transformation in the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation as well. I’ve been featured on various media outlets dedicated to mental health, empowerment and healthcare leadership.